Beyond Earth: Newsportal is live!

The official Beyond Earth: Newsportal is now live and will regularly post news all around spaceflight, be it launches, discoveries and more...

Beyond Earth: Newsportal is live!

What can I find here?

With Beyond Earth having basically grown into a wiki all around spaceflight, rockets, rocket engines, rocket engine cycles and the future of spacetravel as a whole, it was about time I kept you guys updated on newest developments in the niche.

Following today, the 13th of February, this page will regularly post about:

  • upcoming launches

  • launch logs & launch summaries

  • new discoveries, be it during extraterrestrial missions or by observation

  • schedules for multiplanetary missions and collaborations between private and governmental bodies

Can I suggest topics?

Anytime! You can reach out via Discord, WhatsApp, LinkedIn or simply via mail at . I will try my best to stay up to date with new developments, but I'm happy to receive a heads-up, feedback and constructive criticism.

Thanks for your time and have a great stay! 🚀